Vibrant Mbalax Pioneers

Royal Band de Thiès -  Kadior Demb
Royal Band de Thiès –
Kadior Demb
Royal Band de Thiès

Kadior Demb (Teranga Beat TBCD 016CD, 2012)

Kadior Demb is an unreleased album by dazzling Senegalese group Royal Band de Thiès. Led by vocalists and composers James Gadiaga & Secka, Royal Band de Thiès was one of the pioneers of the exciting Senegalese genre known as mbalax. Kadior Demb brings together a powerful mix of mbalax, Afro-Cuban influences and Afro Jazz.

Royal Band de Thiès had a fabulous rhythm section, bringing traditional Senegalese drumming, horn riffs, engaging vocals, and creative guitar lines into the mix. They were a true melting pot of musical traditions from Africa, Europe, North America and the Spanish speaking Caribbean.

Kadior Demb is a real-time; two-microphone recording that has a totally live feel to it and sounds entirely fresh. The album includes fascinating biographical details about the musicians and comes in various formats, including CD and double gatefold LP.

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