Splendid Congolese Rumba Guitar

Jeannot Bel - Kuetumbari
Jeannot Bel – Kuetumbari
Jeannot Bel

Kuetumbari (2012)

The great Congolese guitar tradition continues with Jeannot Bel from Kinshasa. His album titled Kuetumbari is an infectious collection of dazzling guitar-driven rumba and soukous. Jeannot Bel’s detailed guitar solos and innovative patterns enrich the lively dance beats from Congo.

Jeannot Bel (stage name) grew up in Kinshasa and started to play the guitar inspired by Dr Niko, Luambo Makiadi, Pepe Felix and Tshimpaka Roxy. He played his first gigs at age 14, performing with bands fronted by Lassa Carlito (OK Jazz), Debaba (Viva la musica).

As he developed his guitar skills, Jeannot Bel also studied music technology at University of West London. He began touring with Kanda Bongo Man and eventually moved from Kinshasa to London.

In the UK, Jeannot Bel recorded with Debaba and many African musicians such as Lazare (Alpha Blondy pianist) and Massamba (Africa International).

He is currently a widely respected guitarist and is teaching African music lovers how to play soukous and Congolese rumba guitar.

Kuetumbari highlights the fascinating sounds of the Congolese guitar style performed by one of the current maestros, Jeannot Bel.

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