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Hands On'semble - Cinco Sobre Três - Fünf über Drei
Hands On’semble – Cinco Sobre Três – Fünf über Drei
Hands On’semble

Cinco Sobre Três – Fünf über Drei (2012)

Hands On’semble is a group of four skilled percussionists who create original music inspired by various global music traditions, ranging from Peruvian cajon to African drums and Asian instruments. Cinco Sobre Três – Fünf über Drei is their latest recording.

The current incarnation of Hands On’semble features Randy Gloss on conga, tongue drums, cheng cheng, Paiste gongs, bells, chimes and bowed percussion; Andrew Grueschow on goon-gong, kagan, kidi, atsemivu, qarqaba, lunga and lundo (talking drums); and Austin Wrinkle on cajon and dumbek. Two additional percussionists appear as guests: Pete Lockett, appears as guest on bongos, kanjira, shakers, cowbell, timbales, voice, miscellaneous percussion and electronics; and Poovalur Sriji on mridangam. There a few other guests, including the fabulous Indian violin of B.U. Ganesh Prasad.

Hands On’Semble was founded by percussion maestro John Bergamo in 1997 with Randy Gloss, Andrew Grueschow, and Austin Wrinkle. Since the group’s creation, Hands On’Semble has developed a repertoire of original compositions, combining the rhythmic concepts, forms, and techniques from numerous drumming cultures from around the world.

Cinco Sobre Três – Fünf über Drei presents a fascinating tapestry of rhythmic textures performed by four world class percussionists.

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