Mundial Montreal to Discuss Hot Topics

World music conference Mundial Montreal will delve further into the discussion about World Music 2.0 and other hot topics. The event takes place November 13-16 in Montreal, Canada.


Music With Borders: Obama improved U.S. Visa processing. Tinariwen can not get into Canada. The union works for Canadian musicians. Canadian festivals are exempt from visa requirements. This session will review the latest news in a music world with borders.

Touring Tactics: The big picture (macro) of Canadian touring and three regional (micro) perspectives on strategies addressing Quebec, Ontario and the West.

World Music Forum II: Twenty five years into the “world music” brand, this session will explore marketing and outreach strategies that we have been learning as we mix diverse communities. Laptop beat production and cultural collisions are defining what is being called “World Music 2.0”. Where have we been? Where are we going?

All these and more will be dissected by some of the industry’s biggest names and, along with events such as the speed schmoozing (or professional speed dating) sessions, will be an excellent source of networking opportunities and information for industry delegates.

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