Polka V

Frigg – Polka V

Polka V (FRIGG00009, 2012)

Fiddle powerhouse Frigg has a new recording titled Polka V. Don’t let the title fool you. This is not old time polka, but rather a spirited collection of original pieces rooted in Finnish and other European folk music forms such as schottische, polka, waltz, and polska.

Even though Frigg has four fiddlers, the violins do not dominate all the time. Petri Prauda (mandolin, cittern, bagpipes) and Thomas Logren (guitar, dobro) are given plenty of space to demonstrate their skills.

Frigg’s influences go beyond fiery European folk music. The mandolin, the dobro, and sometimes the fiddles, incorporate a contemporary bluegrass vibe which makes the overall music have a wider appeal. Some are calling this fusion Nordgrass.

The lineup on Polka V includes Alina Järvelä on fiddle; Antti Järvelä on double bass; Esko Järvelä on fiddle; Petri Prauda on cittern, mandolin, bagpipes; Tero Hyväluoma on fiddle; Tommi Asplund on fiddle; Tuomas Logrén on guitar, dobro.

Guests include Petri Hakala on mandolin and guitar; Pekka Saarikorpi on percussion; and Kardenmimmit (Maija Pokela, Jutta Rahmel, Anna Wegelius, Leeni Wegelius) on vocals.

Polka V is a beguiling mix of Scandinavian folk music and modern bluegrass from across the Atlantic.

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