Romanian Musician Tamango of Shukar Collective Dies at 66

Romanian musician Tamango passed away July 8th, 2012. He suffered from cardiac problems for many years and endured recurring cerebral attacks. He died following a stroke at the age of 66.

Tamango was the vocalist and spoon-player of The Shukar Collective, a group formed out of traditional gypsy (Roma) musicians from the band Shukar and younger Romanian artists. In The Shukar Collective, Napoleon, Tamango and Clasic played ursari music (ursar means ‘bear tamer’ or ‘bear handler’) using spoons, wooden barrels or darbuka drum to create a powerful sound that is at the same time emotional and soulful.

Younger members contributed their drum and bass beats and other electronic sounds which resulted in the remarkable album Urban Gypsy, released on Riverboat Records in 2003. From 2008 onwards, Tamango slowly retreated from the music scene due to ill health.


One thought on “Romanian Musician Tamango of Shukar Collective Dies at 66”

  1. I feel very guilty for showing a shukar collective video to a person that might not have had that same appreciation of the real music and video I saw. I am afraid he may have passed it on through emails with less appreciation and understanding of cool and not just cool – a real look at a culture that is unigue and amazing 🙂

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