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The Spy From Cairo – Arabadub
The Spy From Cairo

Arabadub (Wonderwheel, 2012)

Acoustic Middle Eastern music and Jamaican dub come together in Arabadub, the latest project by The Spy From Cairo. The album has great merit because there are no samples employed on the album. The Spy From Cairo played all the traditional Middle Eastern stringed instruments, including the ‘ud, Chifteli and the Saz himself. And that’s not all. He also plays the accordion.

The result is a seductive mix of Arabic music with a variety of beats, including reggae, dancehall, funk and others.

The Spy From Cairo is one of the projects of Italian-born and New York-based Moreno Visini. He has been closely involved with the Turntables on the Hudson scene for close to 12 years. Visini has produced dozens of albums as Zeb, the Spy From Cairo and the Organic Grooves project. He has also remixed albums by Baba Maal, Tosca, Billie Holliday and Novalima.

Arabadub skillfully mixes the infectious energy of dub beats with mesmerizing Arabic melodies.

Buy the CD in North America or listen to samples and buy MP3s.

Buy the album in Europe.


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