Tunisian Arab Spring Icon Emel Mathlouthi Releases Ma Lkit Music Video

Emel Mathlouthi
Tunisian vocalist Emel Mathlouthi has a new video titled ‘Ma Lkit’ directed by Sami Battikh, from her new album titled Kelmti Horra.

Mathlouthi is an inspired singer and poet and a highly creative composer. Kelmit Horra is influenced by the great divas of the Maghreb, but it has also inherited the legacy of the protest singers of the 1960s. Emel Mathlouthi’s sources and influences include Bob Dylan, Cheikh Imam and sounds of our time. She vests her protest songs in the rock and electronic sound of immediacy.

Emel Mathlouthi is one of the figureheads of the “Arab Spring.” She also has immense stage presence and a voice that spells revolution and freedom.


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