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Jorge Pardo - Huellas
Jorge Pardo

Huellas (Cabra Road CR1201, 2012)

Huellas is the new double album by renowned Spanish flutist and saxophonist Jorge Pardo. The Madrid-born musician is one of the pioneers of what has been called jazz ibérico (Iberian jazz), a unique form of jazz music developed in Spain. Jorge Pardo’s name is closely associated with the combination of jazz and flamenco forms. He was one of the flamenco jazz pioneers in Spain and has influenced numerous musicians.

On Huellas, Jorge Pardo continues his explorations of jazz and flamenco forms, combining flute, saxophone, trumpet, and vibraphone melodies and improvisation with flamenco beats, instrumentation (guitar, cajon, , and some of its complex time signatures..

All the pieces on Huellas are based on flamenco palos (styles), including the technically difficult bulerias and the more popular rumbas, tangos, jaleos and tanguillos.

Pardo has played with numerous artists in Spain and abroad and many of them return the favor on Huellas. The guest list is impressive, over 50 flamenco and jazz musicians took part in the recording sessions: flamenco guitar luminaries like Tomatito, Niño Josele, Josemi Carmona, Paquete and Juan Diego; Spanish jazz bassists Carles Benavent, Javier Colina, Juanmi Guzman, and Martín Leiton; percussionists Tino di Geraldo, Pedro Garcia and Sergio Martinez; and international jazz virtuosos Jerry González on trumpet and percussion, Jeff Ballard on drums, Víctor Mendoza on vibraphone and Gil Goldstein on accordion.

Huellas is a fiery mix of jazz and flamenco, performed by some of the finest musicians in the flamenco and Spanish jazz scenes.

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