WOMEX 2012 Announces Thessaloniki Showcase and Conference Jury

Nikos Stefanidis (Greece)
WOMEX 2012 organizers announced today the names of the members of the jury that will review the international world music showcase and conference proposals for this year’s event.

WOMEX calls the jury the 7 Samurai. “These well-respected world music minds work on the Showcase and Conference selection,” said the WOMEX press release.

In 2012, the WOMEX Jury will once again be split into two fields of responsibility: two Samurai are in charge of the Conference programming, while the other five are asked to make selections for the Showcase Festival.

The 5 Showcase Samurai are: Oliver Belopeta (FYR Macedonia), Maarten Rovers (The Netherlands), Ilka Schlockermann (Germany/UK), Allie Silver (USA/Argentina) and Nikos Stefanidis (Greece)

The 2 Conference Samurai are: Nadia EL-Imam (Sweden) and Lemez Lovas (UK).

Biographies and photos are available at: http://www.womex.com/lnk/jury

Artists, speakers, and filmmakers are called on to submit their Showcase, Conference, and Film proposals for WOMEX 2012 Thessaloniki. Deadline is Friday, April 13th, 2012. Submission forms and tips on how to propose can be found here:

WOMEX 2012 Thessaloniki takes place 17 – 21 October 2012


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