Salsa Master Jimmy Sabater Dies at 76

Jimmy Sabater
Jaime Sabater Sr., better known as Jimmy Sabater died in New York City on February 8th, 2012. Jimmy Sabater was a legendary Latin music vocalist and timbales player.

Jaime Sabater was born in New York City on April 11th, 1936 of Puerto Rican Ancestry. He was a legend in Latin music history due to his English language crossover and his “suave” type of romantic English or Spanish-language singing style.

Jimmy Sabater had a unique style of playing timbales, creating excitement with every stroke of his sticks. He performed with the famous Joe Cuba Sextet for many years until 1979.

Jimmy Sabater also worked with many New York City legends, including Tito Puente. Jimmy Sabater will be greatly missed for his invaluable contribution to Latin music and Latin music history!


4 thoughts on “Salsa Master Jimmy Sabater Dies at 76”

  1. Thank you for your article on one of our great talents that has left us. it seems that our local radio stations have forgotten to pay tribute to such a talent. I had to listen to La Zeta from Puerto Rico as they dedicated the entire morning show to pay tribute to not only a son from blood but also a son of born and raised of New York. Once again I see why I don’t bother listening to local radio stations. Thank you for your article of a man that I consider a big brother as he took me to my very first concert when I was about 9years old. Thanks “Mo” I’ll forevr remeber that.

  2. it was very had to find any info any info on the great musician, WHY?? not even on the other spanish website, but Whitney Houston is every where!!!!! what a shame.!
    rest in peace Jimmy,

  3. I am New Yorican. Born in Puerto Rico. Reside now in Los Angeles,CA I will truly miss Jimmy as many other Latinos and even non Latinos at heart. Will miss him always. If you ever see a guy on a “Black Kawasaki Motorcycle” With the custom license plate.”SALSA ME. That is me. I will be playing a lot of his great music. While riding my custom built stereo. On my motorcycle. Rest in Peace Jimmy.

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