GondwanaSound’s Album of the Week: Rangarang

Rangarang: Pre-Revolutionary Iranian Pop
The Album of the Week at GondwanaSound radio show is Rangarang, a two CD compilation of forgotten jewels from prerevolutionary Iran on the Vampisoul Label.

The Vampisoul boys and girls have done it again, a creative compilation full of fantastic tunes and an informative booklet from the archives of Iranian pop from the 60’s through to the revolution in 1979. As soon as I discovered it, it had to be our album of the week.

Forget what you see on the TV, these cats are very cool and the tunes aren’t bad either. Other highlights this week include another fascinating comp on the Honest Jon’s label, Delta Dandies, Balkan Tango with Alejandro and the Magic Tombelinos’s Full Attack with Sudden Defences, a Finnish Waltz by Lepisto and Lehti from the album Radio Moskova and Bonga is back with his thirtieth album, Hora Kota . That’s enough to fill up one of my shelves here at Gondwana Towers, what an achievement! And finally Kinshasa Succursale, with a remix from Baloji and co with guests including one of our favorites, Blitz the Ambassador

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