Making Others Happy Through Her Songs

Sia Tolno - My Life
Sia Tolno

My Life (Lusafrica, 2011)

Sia Tolno is one of the emerging talents from West Africa. The Sierra Leonean singer released this exciting album titled My Life. Sia Tolno has one of the best voices to have come out of Africa in recent years and she blends a fiery mix of West African rhythms, Afrobeat and Congolese rumba with powerful jazz brass, funk and call and response vocals. Guitarist Mamadou Camara does an outstanding job on the acoustic and electric guitars.

In my songs, even when I’m talking about sadness, it’s not about despair or self-pity,” says Tolno. “I want people to know that I went through all these things but still, I’m leaving the past to walk toward the things I love. I’m so happy for that. And the only way to share this happiness is to make others happy through my songs.”

Tolno had a difficult journey in life. She was forced to leave war- devastated Sierra Leone for the Republic of Guinea-Conakry, losing many loved ones. Tolno survived by singing in clubs, gaining respect and fans. She also sold palm oil. Tolno worked until she was discovered by a European record company representative at a talent contest.

My Life is a superb album by Sia Tolno, one of the African singers to follow in the next years.


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