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La Bottine Souriante - Appellation d'Origine Controlee
La Bottine Souriante

Appelation D’Origine Controlée (Borealis Records BCD 211, 2012)

One of Quebec’s finest musical exports, La Bottine Souriante has a new recording titled Appelation D’Origine Controlée. La Bottine Souriante is more than a Quebecois folk music band. The large ensemble includes traditional musical instruments as well as a powerful brass section and electric bass and piano.

Appelation D’Origine Controlée contains a thrilling mix of galloping rhythms, Celtic fiddling, fascinating call and response vocals, funk bass, jazz piano and organ, and the big band sound provided by the brass performers.

Most of the pieces are adaptions of traditional folk songs from various parts of
Quebec (Canada) and Louisiana (USA), including drinking songs, reels, love songs and humorous pieces.

La Bottine Souriante includes Éric Beaudry on vocals, responses, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, and foot tapping; Pierre Pedro Belisle on piano, Rhodes, B-3, piano-accordion; David Boulanger on fiddle, responses, foot tapping; Benoit Bourque on vocals, responses, diatonic accordion, bones, and jaw harp; Jean-François Gagnon-Branchaud on vocals, responses, fiddle, guitar, and foot tapping; Robert Bob Ellis on responses, bass trombone; Jean Fréchette on responses, saxophone, tin whistle, and percussion; Jocelyn Lapointe on trumpet; François Marion on responses, double bass, electric bass; Sandy Silva on percussive dancing; and André Verreault on trombone.

Appelation D’Origine Controlée features a guest appearance by Spanish Basque musicians Oreka TX, playing the rare chalaparta percussion instrument.

Appelation D’Origine Controlée is another superb album by La Bottine Souriante, the great innovators of Quebec folk music.

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