Coimbra Fado

Coimbra Fado - Verdes Anos
Coimbra Fado

Verdes Anos (ARC Music)

Verdes Anos present a beautiful album of Coimbra Fado, a genre of Fado originating in the city of Coimbra, Portugal. Fado is the distinctive melancholic but soulful mix of Portugal. The group consists of three singers, accompanied by two guitarras portuguesas (12-stringed lute) and a classical guitar. Complete lyrics and extensive information plus photos are included in the booklet.

The album has 19 tracks, with a fine mix of vocals and instrumentals. Check out the smooth vocals on ‘Fado Hilário’ and ‘Canção do Alentejo,’ and the fine guitar work on ‘Trova do Vento que Passa’ and ‘Saudadinha.’ Our other pick includes the fine track ‘Adeus Sé Velha.’


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