Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane Releases Thiossane

Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane - Thiossane
Thiossane (Sterns Music) is the title of the new album by Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane. This is his first as lead artist.

Aged 74, Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane is a legendary figure in Senegalese modern culture. He was born February 3rd of 1936 in Thies, an area famous for its vibrant arts scene and its strong resistance to French colonization. Inspired by the president of Senegal’s independence, Leopold Sedar Senghor, Thiossane first attracted attention across Africa when his song, Talene Lamp Yi was selected as the radio theme for the historic and hugely influential 1st Festival des Arts Negres held in Dakar in 1966.

Thiossane’s career started in 1952 when he became a member of a theatrical troupe, the Union Artistic du Thies. Thiossane loved Afro-Cuban music and he started a dual career as singer with the seminal Orchestra Baobab and as a painter, a skill he learned by copying movie posters.

In the 1970s several of Thiossane’s paintings sold for record-breaking prices in Senegal and are still today in high demand, sought by collectors around the world.

At age 74, Thiossane decided to record his first album as a soloist, with famed African music producer Ibrahima Sylla. Musicians featured in Thiossane include members of Orchestra Baobab, legendary Congolese guitarist Papa Noel and Africando’s Medoune Diallo Thiossane.


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