Electric and Strikingly Sumptuous

Natacha Atlas - Mounqaliba – Rising: The Remixes
Natacha Atlas

Mounqaliba Rising – The Remixes (Six Degrees, 2011)

Remix junkies rejoice because once you crack open the gorgeous exoticism of Natacha Atlas’s Mounqaliba Rising – The Remixes there’s no going back. Ripe with the rich Arabic flavors of the original tracks, the remixes rework and remake the music, transforming it into a dense electronica landscape that crafts together the light and the dark. Acutely atmospheric and dazzlingly driven,
Mounqaliba Rising – The Remixes is flagrantly thrilling and global dance made to order.

Opening with Cheb I Sabbah remix “Batkallim” The Sun of Egypt,” Mounqaliba transports the listener to a brutally vibrant musicscape filled with slick electronica and a flurry of Middle Eastern strings. It’s hard to resist the maze of the Nickodemus & the Spy from Cairo remix of “Makaan,” the Radiohiro remix of “Taalet” and the fiery remix of Beats Antique’s remix of “Makaan.” There’s also David Starfire’s remix of “Batkallim,” the dark mysteries of Syriana’s remix of “Ghoroub: For Tahirir Square” and Bombay Dub Orchestra’s dishy remix of “Batkallim: Atlas of the World Mix” to tempt remix fans. 310 Radio’s take of “Riverman” and Ms. Atlas and Basha Beats remake of “Egypt: Rise to Freedom” making this collection of remixes wonderfully eclectic.

Electric and strikingly sumptuous
Mounqaliba Rising – The Remixes makes global fusion magically delicious.


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