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Impulse Ensemble - Initiation
Impulse Ensemble


Impulse Ensemble brings together three innovative musicians from the western Massachusetts area. Multi-instrumentalists Tony Vacca, Jim Matus and Derrik Jordan collaborate with each other in various projects related with world fusion, jazz, and improvised music. Their latest album is titled Initiation.

The music on Initiation is marked by the mesmerizing sounds of the instruments used. Tony Vacca brings his bubbly deep water sounds of the West African bala (also known as balafon). He is joined by Derrik Jordan on electric violin, percussion and vocals; and Jim Matus on electric laoutar, which is an acoustic-electric laouto/altered mandocello that infuses the album with a unique sound. The global hybrid pieces are an outstanding mix of composed pieces and accessible improvisation.

Impulse Ensemble’s Initiation is a remarkable album of crosscultural musical wizardry.


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