Midwestern Round Dances

Gentlemen's Club - Boom Boom Room: Round Dance Songs
Gentlemen’s Club

Boom Boom Room (Canyon Records CR-6498, 2011)

Gentlemen’s Club is an all-star group of American Indian singers from the Great Lakes area of North America. They perform the increasingly popular Round Dances, accompanied by hand drums, with lyrics that reflect modern life.

The line-up includes Opie Day-Bedeau (Bois Forte Band of Minnesota Chippewas), Jason Kingbird (Ojibway), Joe Rainey, Sr. (aka Lil Red) (Red Lake Band of Ojibwe), Crow Bellecourt (Little Earth Ojibwa), Wayne Silas, Jr. (Menominee/Oneida), Mike Sullivan, Sr. (Lac Corte Orielles Ojibwe), Wanbli Charging Eagle (aka “Bleezy”) (Lakota/Ojibwa), Thomas “Two Braidz” Butcher (Dakota/Ojibwe), Buffalo Campbell (Dakota/Ojibway), Ahsinees Larson (Lac Corte Orielles Ojibwe).

Boom Boom Room is an album of passionate Round Dances with a Midwestern perspective.


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