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Aljibe - Enea

Enea (2011)

Spanish folk band Aljibe has been celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Based in the Madrid region, Aljibe plays primarily renovated folk music from ancient Castilla la Mancha, Castilla León and the Madrid region, although their repertoire also includes music from other parts of Spain as well as Portuguese, Bulgarian and Sephardic folk music influences. Their new album is titled Enea (‘Bullrush’) and it features the great Spanish folk music innovator Eliseo Parra as producer and guest musician

The line-up on Enea includes Teresa García Sierra on vocals, Manuel Marcos Bardera on vocals, Luis Ramón Martín-Fuertes Palacios on guitars and lute, Domingo Martínez Martínez on Manchego guitar, Luis Miguel Novas Moreras on low whistle, and recorder; and Juan Rodríguez-Tembleco Yepes on vocals.

The guests musicians who participated in the recording Carlos Hernández “el Topo” on vocals, Luis Antonio del Álamo on clarinet and bansuri, Teodomiro Rodríguez Lillo on bass, Rubén Pérez on bass and Eliseo Parra on vocals and percussion.

Aljibe hail from the city of Aranjuez, located in the southern end of the Madrid region. The picturesque riverside location was the summer palace home for Spanish royalty.

Enea is a superb album of contemporary folk music from Castile and beyond by one of Spain’s best folk music bands, who elegantly combine tradition and modernity.


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