Maria Bethania’s Live Celebration

Maria Bethania - Love Celebration Devotion
Maria Bethania

Love Celebration Devotion (DRG, 2011)

Love Celebration Devotion is a double live album by legendary Brazilian singer Maria Bethania. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, the album’s title in Portuguese is Amor Festa Devoção.

Love Celebration Devotion contains twenty-two songs, some of which appeared in her studio recordings Encanteria (previously released on DRG Brazil) and TUA. The rest of the live album’s set list consists of romantic songs. There are a total of thirty-six performances on album.

Maria Bethania is one of Brazil’s best known singers. Her captivating performances combine coolness and sensuality. Today, the sister of tropicália protagonist Caetano Veloso is in a class of her own in Brazil, comparable only to legendary singer Elis Regina who died in 1982.

Love Celebration Devotion captures the passionate new songs performed live by one Brazil’s most cherished singers, Maria Bethania.


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