Guitar and Mandolin Whispers

Yamandu Costa & Hamilton de Holanda - Live
Yamandu Costa & Hamilton de Holanda


This remarkable live recording brings together two of Brazil’s finest instrumentalists: guitarist Yamandu Costa and mandolinist Hamilton de Holanda. This is their first live collaboration on record. The material on Live! comes from a concert in São Paolo, Brazil in 2008.

Award-winning Yamandu Costa has become one of Brazil’s leading guitar players. He uses the 7-string guitar which is known as violão in Brazil. Hamilton de Holanda plays the 10-string mandolin (bandolim) and is well known for his collaborations with musicians from various musical traditions.

Most of the pieces on Live! were penned by the two musicians. They present a masterful performance of music that includes South American folk roots (Brazilian samba, Argentine chamame), jazz and classical music influences.

Live! presents dazzling acoustic interplay by two of Brazil’s most skilled instrumentalists, Yamandu Costa and Hamilton de Holanda.

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