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Mu - Casa Nostra

Casa Nostra

Portuguese band Mu continues its global musical travels with its second album titled Casa Nostra (Our House). Mu combines original Balkan-inspired material with spirited traditional folk pieces from Russia and Hungary.

The band is characterized by flying dance performances, lead accordion and several multi-instrumentalists who play a wide variety of Portuguese, Eastern European, middle Eastern and Asian musical instruments.

The line-up includes Osga on bulbul tarang, didgeridoo, flute, percussion; Helena Madeira on vocals, dance; Dulce Cruz on accordion; Diana Azevedo on violin, voice, dance; Nuno Encarnação on tabla, riq, darbuka, percussion; Sérgio Calisto on cello, moraharpa, and bouzouki.

Casa Nostra is a raucous and passionate album by one of Portugal’s hottest world music acts.


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