Highlights from the Queen of Fado

Amalia Rodrigues - The Queen of Fado
Amália Rodrigues

The Queen of Fado – Amália Rodrigues (EUCD2337, 2011)

In Portugal, vocalist Amália Rodrigues is known as “A rainha do fado” – the queen of fado. She is one of the greatest Portuguese singers in recent times and a fado legend. The Queen of Fado – Amália Rodrigues is an excellent introduction to one of the great musical traditions of the world.

The pieces include performances in a trio format, accompanied by Domingos Camarinha’s Portuguese guitar and Santos Moreira on guitar; and songs in which she is accompanied by the Joa Nobre Orchestra.

The CD booklet includes a biography of Amália Rodrigues and an introduction to the main forms of fado, including Lisbon Fado and Fado de Coimbra. Liner notes appear in English, Spanish, German and French.

Amália Rodrigues is credited with popularizing fado in Portugal and abroad, bringing this passionate musical genre to a worldwide audience. The Queen of Fado – Amália Rodrigues shows you why her passionate voice has attracted so many followers.


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