Polkas and Cumbias of the Southwestern People

Southern Scratch - How Sweet the Sound
Southern Scratch

How Sweet the Sound (Canyon Records CR-8120, 2011)

How Sweet the Sound is the latest album by Southern Scratch, a waila band formed by American Indian musicians from the southwestern United States.

Southern Scratch is headed by Ron Joaquin, son of legendary waila musician Angelo Joaquin, Sr. The Joaquin has been associated for five decades with the finest waila sounds.

Waila is the popular dance music of the Tohono O’odham (“Desert People”, formerly known as the Papago) of the Sonoran desert. Waila music includes a mix of southwestern, Mexican, German and Spanish influences.

Waila dances start in the evening, at sunset and last until dawn as the Desert People dance to polkas, cumbias, mazurkas, boleros, shottisches and other couple dances performed on saxophone, guitar, bass, bajo sexto, percussion and drums as well as the occasional vocals.

How Sweet the Sound is waila music at its best and celebrates the Joaquin Family legacy and the memory of Angelo Joaquin, Sr.

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