Celtic Sounds from the Deer Forest

Doa - A fronda dos cervos

A Fronda dos cervos (Foll 100FOL1053)

The beautiful misty landscape of A Fronda dos Cervos’cover reflects accurately the mesmerizing music featured in this album. Doa is one of the most veteran folk music groups in the Galician music scene. They are known for combining ancient folk music and Medieval traditions with modern elements such as electric guitar and keyboards.

Many of the pieces on A Fronda dos cervos (The Deer Forest) are based on Medieval songbooks such as the Cantigas of Alfonso X El Sabio (Alfonso The Learned), the codice Calixtino (Calistine codex) and the Martin Códax. The rest of the material are original pieces by Doa members Xoan Piñon and Bernardo Martinez.

The album includes Doa founders Xoan Piñon, Xaquín Bernardo and Blanco Martinez, along with master zanfoñeiro Oscar Fernandez (a well known name in Galician folk circles) and the newest member, soprano singer Susana de Lorenzo, who has an exquisite voice. The zanfona (hurdy gurdy) plays an essential role in Doa’s current music. It is a truly fascinating instrument, specially when combined with the bagpipes.

1. Verdes Herbas
2. Estes Meus Ollos
3. Levousa Fremosa
4. Gran Dereit
5. Porque No Mundo Mengou A Verdade
6. Cantiga II De Martín Códax
7. Voda Mozárabe
8. Sediame Eu Na Ermida De San Simon
9. O Maroot
10. Sancti Iacobi

Doa captures the Celtic essence of ancient and modern Galicia on A Fronda dos cervos.

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