Video of the Week: Tubab Woman by Yellow Sisters

Yellow Sisters - Photo by Robert Rambousek
Tubab Woman is a music video by Czech a capella group Yellow Sisters, formed by female vocalists. Tubab Woman is directed by Filip Racek and Vilem Kabzan. The song is featured on the group’s second album titled Tubab Woman (2010).

With their first album Singalana the four singers of Yellow Sisters caused a sensation in the Czech music scene. Tubab Woman continues the journey that had begun with the great debut. It’s a magical interplay of four female voices through various genres. The Yellow Sisters are: Antonia Nyass, Bára Vaculíková, Léna Yellow, and Lucie Hawa Goldin.

Throughout Tubab Woman, the Yellow Sisters spice up their singing with R&B, ambient electronics, soul, funk and other fragrant musical ingredients. “On this album we gave plenty of space for our personal testimonies and the songs are a bit different from the stuff we do together as a group,” says Léna Yellow. “Bára and I tend towards soul and funky and Antonia with Hawa tend to more alternative things and experiments, so the result is really colorful.“

The album includes several guests musicians: Jaroslav Bárta (keyboard), Luis Jachu´ Reyes (bass), Tomáš Kroutil (guitar), Ephraim Goldin (percussion, vocals), Adam Koller (drums), En.Dru (beatbox). Tonya Graves contributed vocals, as well as Markéta Foukalová, Petr Wajsar and Ondrej Ruml and many others.

The recording took place in unusual places, which is something the singers like to do: “We have recorded out in the garden and also in a beautiful baroque church in Skoky u Žlutic and of course in the studio. It was a very nice experience. In some of the songs you can hear the birds singing.”

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