Impressive Debut by Zoobazar

Zoobazar - Uno

Uno (Santa Fe / Ojo! Records, 2011)

Spanish band Zoobazar is a Madrid-based world music ‘supergroup’ formed by top international instrumentalists and composers. Band members include Radio Tarifa‘s former oud player, La Musgaña‘s fiddler, La Shica’s and Eliseo Parra‘s drummer and percussionist, and the bassist of rock band GN3.

Zoobazar’s debut album, Uno, is a mesmerizing journey across the musics of the Mediterranean countries, including Iberian folk music, Turkish, Balkan, Greek, Middle Eastern and North African beats and melodies. The original pieces, rooted in folk music, are modernized by adding contemporary elements such as rock, funk and jazz.

Band members include German musician and composer Amir-John Haddad on oud and saz; composer Diego Galaz on fiddle and mandolin; Pablo Martin Jones on drums and percussion; Hector Tellini on bass.

Guest musicians include composer Vincent Molino on Poitou oboe (Radio Tarifa), Xavi Lozano on duduk and flute (Eliseo Parra), Pedro Esparza on tenor sax (Joaquin Ruiz), Raúl Márquez on fiddle (member of dancer Sara Baras’ Flamenco ensemble), and Jorge Arribas on accordion (La Musgaña).

Zoobazar is an example of world music its finest. An excellent debut album.

Buy the album or MP3 downloads:

  • In North America: Uno (Digital)
  • In Europe: Uno (Digital)

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