Sami singer Berit Alette Mienna Releases Árbán

Berit Alette Mienna - Arban
Berit Alette Mienna has a new recording titled Árbán (Etnisk Musikklubb). She is joined by Frode Fjellheim on harmonium and percussion.

This CD, “Árbán” [My Inheritance] contains hymns and joiks of my Sámi musical background, an echo of the vocal tradition of Sámi people who live in settled communities,” says Berit Alette Mienna. “My music and my reflections move between the profane and the holy.

I have called this project “Fjellkattefot” [Mountain cat foot]. A modest little flower by this name awakened my interest in botany and took me for many walks in the mountains. In this period, I had time to work with joik and hymns.

I found inspiration in the Christian community in Karasjok and the greater family, especially older people at Jergul, and the Skádjil and the Sámi Jienat chior. My wanderings and the meetings brought me closer to the more intangible Sámi religious culture and traditions, memories that are kept alive and passed along by way of storytelling. Working with the music brought back many memories from my childhood and youth. These, and my thoughts about them, are written down in the CD-booklet.”


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  1. Would it be possible to hear some 30-second clips from these CDs? They appear to be interesting, but I don’t know whether I would want to buy one until I actually heard a bit of the music. Thanks.

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