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Karsh Kale - Cinema
Karsh Kale

Cinema (Six Degrees, 2011)

Karsh Kale returns with Cinema, an album where he casts a net for a wider audience. If you are expecting Indian flavored global electronica, you are in for a surprise. Even though Kale includes his signature South Asian sounds, featuring Indian musical instruments, melodies and beats, he also goes for the pop crowd with new wave, alt rock, electronic pop and Peter Gabriel-inspired vocals.

At times, Cinema feels like two albums. The Indian-scented pieces really stand out. This includes ‘Island’, with its cinematic layers, techno beats and soaring bansuri (Indian flute) as well as the electronic ambiance and delightful Indian spices in ‘Man on Fire’, ‘Ma’, ‘Cinema,’ Sunbeam, Joy, and Absence’, some of which were inspired by some of Kale’s Bollywood film related world.

It took Karsh Kale two years to produce Cinema. Many of the compositions were originally written on an acoustic guitar or piano.

Cinema is a vibrant mix of global fusion electronica and lush pop by one of the leading figures in the South Asian electronic scene.

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