Much More than Batucada

Ritmodelia - It's Not Batucada

It’s Not Batucada (Ritmodelia, 2010)

European percussion ensemble Ritmodelia has a debut album titled “It’s Not Batucada.” True enough, Ritmodelia is more than a batucada. The ten musicians featured on the album create an impressive collection of percussion pieces that are closer in scope to Mickey Heart’s various percussion master collaborations.

Based in Poland, Ritmodelia presents a wide range of drums and percussion instruments from various cultures, including Brazil, West Africa and Cuba. The band is led by Mikolaj Miki Wielecki who specializes in congas, bata, and other percussion instruments. He is joined by Hubert Zemler on drum set; Wojtek Sobura on drum set; Nikodem Bakowski on bata, congas, timbales, percussion instruments; Jakub Pogorzelski on djembe, dundun, percussion instruments; Milosz Pekala on vibraphone, percussion instruments; Bogusz Wekka on congas, percussion instruments; Magda Kordylasinska on classical percussion, mallet instruments; Jurek Markuszewski on drum set; and Rafael Reif de Paula on pandeiro, tamborim, triangulo and other Brazilian percussion instruments.

Ritmodelia’s ispiring debut album presents a fantastic new percussion orchestra performing captivating global rhythms and jazz improv elements.

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