Persian Vocal Explorations

Sussan Deyhim

City of Leaves (2011)

Sussan Deyhim’s City of Leaves is an intimate effort in collaboration with keyboardist and composer Richard Horowitz. Deyhim’s musical stye is hard to define. Although she does incorporate Iranian music and vocal techniques in some of the pieces, I would not call this a world music album. Deyhim likes to explore with her vocal chords and sometimes goes into processed vocals, overdub experiments and pop directions.

In addition to Horowitz, Sussan Deyhim is joined in some of the pieces by renowned international musicians such as Gingger Shankar on violin, Bill Lasswell on bass, Kudsi Erguner on ney and Jonathan Beard on cello.

City of Leaves presents a fascinating mix of world music, eletronic ambience and vocal research by one of the greatest voices in the Iranian music diaspora.


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