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BellonMaceiras Quinteto Folkfusion
Bellonmaceiras Quinteto

Folkfusion (Dofol, 2010)

Spanish band Bellonmaceiras Quinteto brings together Galician folk music and a series of global sounds with a focus on improvisation. Folkfusion contains original pieces by piper Daniel Bellon, accordionist Diego Maceiras and drummer Miguel Lamas as well and a few versions of pieces by other composers, including Astor Piazzolla.

On Folkfusion, Bellonmaceiras Quinteto provides a beguiling mix of muiñeiras (Galician dances), jazz improvisation, Argentine tango, blues and waltz. Daniel Bellon’s bagpipe goes beyond the realm of Galician folk music and is found interpreting other musical forms such as tango, swing, habanera, etc.

The line-up on the album includes Dani Bellón on gaita gallega (Galician bagpipe) and sax; Diego Maceiras on accordion; Juan Cabezón ‘Cabe’ on guitars; Juan Tinaquero on electric and acoustic bass; and Miguel Lamas on drums.

Buy the album: Folkfusion (MP3)


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