Creole Choir of Cuba Showcase at globalFEST Canceled Due to Visa Requirements

Creole Choir of Cuba
globalFEST announced the cancellation of the Creole Choir of Cuba showcase at world music festival globalFEST 2011 due to delays caused by the enhanced security clearance processing required for Cuban artists. The Creole Choir of Cuba was scheduled to perform in Philadelphia and New York in January of 2011.

While this is a temporary setback for American audiences to experience this Cuban cultural treasure of Haitian descent, we look forward to sharing the Choir’s passion, joy and life-affirming spirit later in 2011,” said John Simpson and Jon Lee, producers.

Cuba’s Grupo Vocal Desandann is now marketed internationally as the Creole Choir of Cuba. The ensemble is an extraordinary Cuban vocal group of Haitian descent. Creole Choir of Cuba is composed mainly of second and third generation Haitians who were born and raised in Cuba, particularly in the Camaguey area.

Singing of their ancestors’ longing for home and stirring audiences with percussion and movement, these skilled musicians from Eastern Cuba evoke the Caribbean’s complex and rich musical heritage with precision and passion. These qualities shine on their debut international release, Tande-la, on the Real World label.

Honduran Garifuna musician Aurelio Martinez will replace the Creole Choir of Cuba at globalFEST 2011.


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