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Jah Wobble

Welcome to My World (2010)

World traveler and sound explorer Jah Wobble introduces the listener to his latest discoveries on his latest recording titled Welcome to My World. The map on the CD reconstructs the world atlas, creating a new musical continent by joining Spain with Rajasthan, China, the UK and South America.
Welcome to My World is a musical voyage that combines Jah Wobble’s signature globetronic dub sound with acoustic sounds from various parts of the globe. In this case, the voyage takes you to India, Egypt, Tunisia, Andalusia in southern Spain, Brazil, the UK, China and the impressionist and romantic currents of the past through brief musical vignettes. But that’s not all. There are also tributes to the psychedelic sounds of the late 1960s.

On this album, you will hear homage paid, (albeit in my own conceited fashion), to some of my musical heroes, such as Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Joe Zawinul,’ says Jah Wobble. “You will also hear sonic tribute paid to some of my favourite areas of ‘my world,’ not least Andalucia, Ancoats, India, Putney, Brazil, Stockport and the Seven Sisters Road area of Tottenham, all of which resonate throughout these recordings.”
Welcome to My World is a fascinating voyage to the global musics of the present and past by one of the masters of dub.

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