Erraji at His Prime

Hassan Erraji

Awal Mara (World village, 2010)

On his latest album Awal Mara, Moroccan multi-instrumentalist Hassan Erraji delivers an impressive set of reinvigorating pieces. Erraji combines captivating Berber beats and Arabic melodies with a fiery rock-style rhythm section formed by Ben Stevens on drums and Kenny Higgins on bass, and additional vocals by his Daughter Yasmin.

Hassan Erraji has been based in the UK for a while and he has not forgotten his North African roots. He is a virtuoso musician who has mastered various musical instruments including the oud (‘ud), violin, darbuka, nay and some of the best qanun work I’ve heard recently.  

Hassan Erraji is a blind singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and composer. He was born in the village of Tazart, south of Marrakech. Erraji learned about the traditional Berber music of the Atlas Mountains at an early age. He studied music in Morocco and later in Brussels (Belgium). He has written and produced music for film, radio, video, theatre and television. He also provides highly sought after master classes at many of the top musical institutes around the world.
Awal Mara reveals a master musician at his prime, creating a stunning album of Moroccan world beat.

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