Afro-Peruvian Delight


Amarte (Afrodita, 2010)

Afrodita is a New York-based band led by Peruvian drummer and percussionist Hector Morales. The multinational band combines elements of Afro-Peruvian music such as landós and festejos with Afro-Cuban music, soul and jazz.

What makes Afrodita stand out is its superb instrumental work featuring Peruvian cajon and charanga-style violin and the delightful dual male/female Spanish language vocals throughout the album that recall the best of Cuban nueva trova.

The seven piece band includes percussionist and composer Hector Morales on cajon and drums; Ileana Santamaria, daughter of the legendary “Mongo” Santamaria, on vocals;  Jean Rohe on vocals; Roland Satterwhite on violin;  Matt Kanelos on keyboards; Eric Kurimski on guitar; Nick Morrison on bass; and Hector “Jereto” Ferreyra on congas.

Amarte features renowned guests artists such as Cuban percussionist/singer Pedrito Martinez; and legendary Afro-Peruvian singer Mariela Valencia.

Afrodita has captured the essence of Afro-Peruvian music with Amarte, an extraordinary self release.

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