Peña Unleashes the Sounds of Afro-Peruvian Music

Peña (Secret Stash Records , 2010)

Peña is an exploration of Afro-Peruvian music. American guitarist Cory Wong and Eric Foss, co-owners of Minneapolis-based Secret Stash Records were fascinated by Afro-Peruvian music. In April of 2010, Wong and Foss realized their dream of traveling to Lima, Peru. With the help of an interpreter they assembled Peña, an Afro-Peruvian ensemble featuring a handful of the best Afro-Peruvian musicians.

This is not a recording of Peruvian musicians exclusively performing their own music, but rather a collaboration between Wong’s guitar and various Peruvian and non-Peruvian vocalists, percussionists, bass players and guitarists. The track selection includes vocal as well as instrumental pieces that cover the entire range of Peruvian music, from Afro-Peruvian beats to passionate folk pieces with Andean and Spanish influences.

Guest musicians include U.S.-based Argentine vocalist Sofia Rei Koutsovitis (vocals), Eric Kurimski (guitar), Jorge Roeder (upright bass) and Jorge “Coqui” Perez-Albela (cajon).

The Peña project includes a CD and a DVD documentary inside a beautiful wooden box.

Peña is a dynamic mix of Afro-Peruvian melodic passion and infectious energy.

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