African Bulerias

JJ Band

Bulerias Africanas (2009)

Bulerias Africanas is the third album by virtuoso Madrid-based Spanish electric bassist Jose Juan Martinez and his band called JJ Band. As the title of the album implies, this recording brings together African and flamenco (bulerias is a Flamenco genre) traditions. Jose Juan Martinez grew up in Malaga (southern Spain), listening to fusion jazz, Flamenco and rock and he brings all these influences together in a fascinating mix.

Bulerias Africanas includes African and flamenco vocalists, who blend in perfectly with Martinez’s masterful bass. Jose Juan Martinez has worked with well known Spanish acts such as the legendary Flamenco rock band Triana, with whom he recorded their last album “Un jardin electrico”; world fusionists Radio Tarifa; and renowned Flamenco singers Niña Pastori and El Cigala. His previous albums are “La minoría desencantada” (1996) and Tangos de Lavapiés (2007).

Bulerias Africanas is an excellent introduction to one of the finest electric bass players in Europe, which should appeal to world music and fusion jazz fans alike.

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