Seu Jorge Loves the Sunshine

Seu Jorge And Almaz

Seu Jorge And Almaz (Now-Again, 2010)

Brazilian singer and actor Seu Jorge and his new band Almaz have released this self titled album, Seu Jorge And Almaz, for Now-Again Records. Although Seu Jorge’s previous works went in a modern samba direction, Seu Jorge And Almaz goes in a retro direction. Almaz includes Brazilian bassist and composer Antonio Pinto (who appeared on the soundtrack for City of God), drummer Pupillo and guitarist Lucio Maia (both from Brazilian band Nacao Zumbi).

The pieces on the album are songs that influenced Seu Jorge and his colleagues. This includes Brazilian hits by Tim Maia and Jorge Ben; European bands such as Kraftwerk, and American singers Roy Ayers and Michael Jackson. Fans of late 1960s and 1970s pop music will enjoy the wild selection of surf sounds, rock, pop, disco and techno.

Seu Jorge And Almaz is a wide-ranging selection of international pop songs recreated by Seu Jorge’s distinctive vocals and his powerful band of musicians from Brazil’s alternative rock scene.

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