Natacha Atlas

Mounqaliba, In a State of Reversal (Six Degrees 657036 1170 2 0, 2010)

Natacha Atlas has given us memorable world music recordings, ranging from trendy electronic dance-oriented pieces to Cairo-style bellydance pieces. She’s back in 2010 with the equally exquisite Mounqaliba. This time, Natacha Atlas has recorded an intimate album which reveals many of her influences: Arabic classical and pop music, world beat, jazz and French chanson.

On Mounqaliba, Atlas’ exceptional voice is joined by the sounds of the piano, which takes a leading role in this occasion and the soaring ney. Strings are also widely present throughout the album. Guests include pianist Zoe Rahman, the 20-piece Turkish ensemble (The Kemper String Orchestra of Istanbul) and a chamber orchestra integrating western and Arabic styles. London-based Egyptian musician Samy Bishai produced the album. Bishai is well known as a violinist although he also plays piano and various other instruments.

Most of the songs are penned by Natacha Atlas and Samy Bichai and, as in previous recordings, Natacha sings in various languages. On this occasion she sings in Arabic, English and French.

Mounqaliba is a superb Arabic-scented introspective album by one of the most excellent voices in the world music scene.

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One thought on “Mounqaliba”

  1. This is High Art !!!Natacha has created a true masterpiece.Her interpretative skills and voice are exquisite.The arrangements and musicians are really amazing.Long live Natacha our Queen of the Nile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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