Reverse Thread

Regina Carter

Reverse Thread (E1 Music, 2010)

Regina Carter’s Reverse Thread takes the music of Africa and reconfigures into superb contemporary jazz pieces. The virtuoso violinist has selected music from various parts of Africa, including traditional music and musical pieces by highly reputable contemporary African musicians such as Mali’s Habib Koite, Mariam Doumbia, Ayub Ogada, Bassekou Kouyate and Boubacar Traore.

Despite the African roots, the music is definitely not world music, but rather contemporary jazz featuring Regina Carter’s dazzling violin melodies and improvisations backed by a powerful rhythm section formed by bassists Mamadou Ba and Chris Lightcap and drummer-percussionist Alvester Garnett. Two accordionists are featured, Will Holshouser and Gary Versace. Adam Rogers is on guitar and African traditional music is represented by master kora player Yacouba Sissoko, who appears on three pieces.

On Reverse Thread, Regina Carters reconfigures the music of Africa into sultry jazz phrasings.

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