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SonAires de la Frontera - 'Moroneando'
SonAires de la Frontera

Moroneando (Bujio BJ-206, 2010)

SonAires de la Frontera is the reincarnation of the critically acclaimed Andalusian band son de la Frontera. Flamenco guitarist Paco de Amparo’s new musical adventure continues his combination of flamenco genres with world music elements. Based in one of the cradles of flamenco, Moron de la Frontera (Sevilla province, Spain), SonAires de la Frontera includes young musicians who are deeply influenced by the legacy of the legendary Diego del Gastor.

The debut album is titled Moroneando and it is out on the Bujio label, which has become one of the finest independent labels in Spain, releasing some of the best new talent in southern Spain in the areas of flamenco, flamenco nuevo and various fusions.

The band includes three guitarists: Paco de Amparo, Ignacio de Amparo and Shimun Murk. The mandola, played by Keko Baldomero, is added to the mix; it is an unconventional instrument in the world of flamenco and adds an exotic element to the group’s sound. David el Galli and Jesús Santiago provide the vocals. Isidro is on percussion. Luis Torres adds palmas (handclap percusion) and vocals; and J.Gregorio Lovera plays violin. The band includes a dancer, Mercedes de Morón.

Moroneando is a trendsetter debut album by one of the most exciting new bands from Andalusia.

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