Dancing into Silence

R. Carlos Nakai

Dancing Into Silence (Canyon, 2010)

Native American musician R. Carlos Nakai is a prolific and innovative artist who is open to all type of musical ideas. He has solo flute (enhanced with electronics) recordings, group projects and collaborations with well known world music artists from various countries. His latest recording, Dancing Into Silence, is a collection of spellbinding instrumental pieces that features two musicians who have collaborated with him in the past. William Eaton performs the harp guitar, an intriguing hybrid musical instrument which he invented. Will Clipman is one of the top percussionists in the Native American music scene and uses traditional instruments from the American Indian communities as well as global percussion.

Dancing into Silence was conceived as a musical work that interweaves individual songs to create a continuous musicscape.  The inspiringly detailed recording incorporates elements of jazz improvisation, but the final result is not freeform. Instead, it is a mesmerizing series of pieces where evocative Native American flutes, whistles and chants are joined by Eaton’s beautifully crafted strings and Clipman’s impressive percussion work.

Dancing Into Silence is a mesmerizing performance of acoustic Native American fusion music from three extraordinary musicians.

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