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Jerez-Texas - Sun
Jerez-Texas – Sun

Sun (2009)

Sun is the title of the new recording by Spanish Flamenco-jazz trio Jerez-Texas. The Valencia-based group includes French cellist Matthieu Sagglio, Flamenco guitarist Ricardo Esteve and percussionist Jesús Gimeno. On Sun, Jerez-Texas continues its explorations of contemporary Flamenco and adventurous jazz. The fascinating interactions between the guitar and cello are uncommon in Flamenco music and provide a fresh new approach.

Naturally, jazz plays a crucial role in Jerez-Texas and there is a tribute to the late Joe Zawinul. The piece chosen is the now classic composition "Birdland," which was popularized by the legendary Weather Report. In the hands of Jerez-Texas, "Birdland" is transformed into a brilliant mixture of acoustic fusion jazz and Flamenco that would make Zawinul proud.

Joining the trio are Spanish jazz vocalist Arantxa Dominguez, palmas (handclap) percussionists Chato de Cuenca and Progre Miguel, trumpet player David Pastor and Los Dors on backing vocals.

Sun is a beautifully played recording by one of the leading combos in the area of flamenco and jazz fusion.

Watch music videos of two of the pieces:

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