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Gunnel Mauritzson - Det som sker...
Gunnel Mauritzson – Det som sker…
Gunnel Mauritzson

Det som sker… (Sandkvie, 2008)

Gunnel Mauritzson is one of the leading folk and jazz singers in Sweden. Her latest recording, Det som sker…, won the prestigious Manifest Award, which is Sweden’s top music award. Mauritzson’s evocative vocals are a perfect match for her band’s music, which conjures a fascinating combination of traditional Swedish folk music and Nordic jazz. Her musical explorations recall the work of Norway’s Jan Garbarek, specially because Jonas Knutsson’s saxophones play an important role in her band’s sound.

Three of the pieces on Det som sker… are traditional Swedish folk songs and the rest are originals by Gunnel Mauritzson. She continues her collaborations with contemporary Swedish poets and three of them, Ingrid Sjöstrand, Marie Lundquist and Ylva Eggehorn contributed lyrics to 8 of the songs. Her band for this recording includes Christian Jormin on drums, percussion and piano; Jonas Knutsson on saxophones; and Stefan Wingefors on double bass, piano and accordion. Guest musicians include Johan Hedin on nyckelharpa andErik Steen on Spanish guitar.

Det som sker… is notable for the quality of the musicianship and the pristine voice of Gunnel Mauritzson


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