Mesmerizing Fiddle Dreams

Anna Schaad - Dream Within a Dream
Anna Schaad – Dream Within a Dream
Anna Schaad

Dream Within a Dream (Raven Fiddle Productions, 2009)

Virtuoso fiddler Anna Schaad embraces the charm and beauty of electronic music on her latest CD, Dream Within a Dream. Schaad uses a combination of acoustic and electric violins and viola. Her research into electronic music forms has her using drum loops, field recordings, samples, MIDI-generated instruments. She is joined by Canadian musician Lauri Lyster on global percussion, Doug Rehfeldt on electric bass, Matt Rehfeldt on cello, David McVittie on flute and harmonium, Hill Hudson on beat boxing, Hadley Frazier on vocals and Gail Smedley on zills.

While most of the pieces have a Celtic and world music influence in the melodies and percussion, the overall sound has a mesmerizing ambient sound that makes the music trance-like. This is topped by Schaad’s sultry phrasings on the various fiddles which are extraordinarily beautiful.

<Dream Within a Dream takes the listener to a new world of fantastic fiddle exploration.

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