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SurSumCorda -  L'albero Dei Bradipi
SurSumCorda – L’albero Dei Bradipi

L’albero Dei Bradipi (Passion records, 2007)

Italian band Sur Sum Corda presents a collection of captivating songs that blend Italian folk, Mediterranean ambiance and troubadour music with classical, jazz and world music elements. The lyrics are poetic, with a charming delivery by Giampiero ‘Nero’ Sanzari, who is also a multi-instrumentalist. The rest of the band includes guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Piero ‘Cirano’ Bruni’; Francesco Saverio Gliozzi on cello and strings; and Claudia Verdelocco on oboe, slide flute and English Horn. In addition, there are guest musicians throughout the album on piano, percussion, accordion and trumpet, that add a rich palette of sounds.

The name of the group, Sursumcorda, derives from the the Latin Sur Sum Corda, which means “Lift up your hearts.” The group came to the attention of Passion Records in the United States. The label director Chris Florio and his wife met the sister of band member Gliozzi at a wedding in New York. “We fell in love with Sursumcorda’s music as soon as we heard it and are very proud to be helping to bring this beautiful music to American audiences.”

L’albero Dei Bradipi  is a magical and richly expressive recording.

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