Embracing Pacifism

Mad Sheer Khan - Demoncracy
Mad Sheer Khan – Demoncracy
Mad Sheer Khan

DemoNcracy (2008)

The latest recording by Mad Sheer Khan demonstrates the bipolar relationship many people across the world have with the United States. DemoNcracy’s front cover and the lyrics clearly demonstrate a distaste for the American foreign policy during the George W. Bush years.

The pacifist rhetoric is reminiscent of the Vietnam War Era anti-war songs. Proof of this is that Khan pays tribute to soul icon  Edwin Star and his popular song "War", which Khan transposes from the former Vietnam War to present day Iraq.

On the other hand, Khan shows a great passion for American popular and roots music. This is evident in the intense soul and blues influences, as well as the Jimi Hendrix-style guitar or electric dilruba riffs and English language lyrics..

DemoNcracy also includes a tribute to The Velvet Underground’s muse, Nico, with whom Khan recorded in 1981 "Orly Flight", a hymn to illegal aliens.

Get the CD from madsheerkhan.com.


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