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Mezklah -  Bestia Sonika
Mezklah – Bestia Sonika

Bestia Sonika (independent, 2008)

California-based Mezklah is one of the few bands in the area that takes Latin American music and combines it with electronics. The Los Angeles group has grown from a drum and bass duo to four members: Greg Hernandez on guitar, visual artist Angel Garcia on vocals, Juan Carlos on bass and synths and Mato Pizarro on drums and percussion.

The name Mezklah is derived from the Spanish word “mezcla”, which means “a mix.” The mix includes an appealing combination of drum and bass, jungle, dub, Mexican cumbia and other elements. Mezklah’s latest recording is a 4-track EP titled Bestia Sonika.

On the visual side of the band, Angel Gaqrcia paints tribal illustrations all over the bands bodies before every performance. “I think there’s a basic tribal nature that lives in our consciousness and is in our blood,” explains Angel about the process. “When I am body-painting, it is not just a calming, meditative process I go through before performing."

Mezklah was also in the news recently because band member Juan Carlos was severely injured in car accident on December 11. He was hospitalized with a broken pelvis and ruptured bladder. Thankfully, Juan Carlos was released December 12 and hopes to be back onstage in February.

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